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Dec 10, 2012 8:30am EST
strategists within the beltway. some people that you know about, that you've heard about. mr. rove, and i keep saying this because everybody says we should go back to karl rove's concept of the big tent. no. for karl rove the big tent is big, but it's empty. [laughter] because it's just to talk about the economy. talk about the economy, talk about the economy. don't talk about immigration. we went into nevada, people said don't talk about social issues, don't talk about immigration. and i said i'm going to talk about social issues, and i'm going to talk about immigration. we need -- the problem was that they thought that, the strategists told the republican candidates to win the primary you have to move to the extreme right on immigration. you have to sound like a restrictionist. and that is wrong. every study shows the american people, republicans and democrats, support immigration reform. he could have had a much more constructive message from the beginning of the primary. and if -- and i think he would have been much more competitive in the general election. now, i'm not saying that if you
Dec 27, 2012 12:00pm EST
with the expiration of other certain fisa provisions including the roving wiretap, the business court orders and the lone wolf. it may seem like that ought to make sense that have you all of these expiring at that time but frankly having been involved in the intelligence community for the last 12 years now, it actually works in reverse from that, it would have a negative influence on the community itself. because if you match the f.a.a. sunset with the patriot and the erpta sunsets, it provides no real benefit to congressional oversight and could actually increase the risk that all of these authorities will expire at the same time and if they all expired at the same time, the community would certainly be in a real disadvantage position from an operational standpoint. the leahy amendment also makes a number of modifications to the executive branch oversight provisions that i believe simply are not necessary. for example, the amendment will require the inspector general of the intelligence community, icig, to conduct a mandatory review of u.s. person privacy rights in the context of the fisa a
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2